aubree is 3!

we had a low key day celebrating aubree's birthday. we just celebrated her. she got to pick breakfast (donuts and fruit!), go on a date with daddy (to freebirds) and pick what she wanted on her burrito, and what she wanted to play, and what she wanted for dinner (pizza WITH cheese!) and what her cake would look like (a kitty!). she had a good day and i think approves of being three!

  • she remains FULL of personality!
  • she talks really well... as well as a five year old in speech and in vocabulary (though she doesn't necessarily know the meanings of the words she uses, she says them!
  • she loves to be outside.
  • loves riding her balance bike.
  • loves to run and often will run the whole neighborhood when we go on our walks.
  • bananas are her favorite food... she would eat them at every meal and when offered a choice between a treat or a banana there are often occasions that she will choose a banana!
  • she is learning how to get self control on her own by going to her bed and taking a minute.
  • she loves school, but starts out shy for 2 minutes according to her teacher and then plays plays plays!
  • she is still a mamas girl.
  • she is FULL of joy and laughter and a happy greeting for anybody she encounters.
  • she is scared to death of big dogs.
  • she climbs anything and everything she can.
  • she loves purple.
  • loves playing with her sister, despite fighting with her 100 times a day!
  • loves kaleb and is very sweet and gentle with him (he has gotten used to her loudness!)
we cannot imagine this world without our aubree gabrielle in it. she is a gift from the Lord!

being silly.

 at a birthday party for her friends the day before her birthday.

 waiting for donuts.

 birthday donuts!

 kitty cake... i am taking orders.

 playing before dinner. first cousin once removed, kali came and celebrated with us!

 so proud to be 3!!!



received these dresses and as soon as she opened them, she said, "ok, aniyah. this one is for you. and this one is for me." so sweet!


kaleb - 8 months!

okay... bad busy mommy. i am 2 weeks late taking this picture AND i did not document all of the fun new things kaleb did this month.


apparently this is a common look - got the same look last month! :)

 unfortunately, this is a common look too. :(

  • started getting a little EXTRA attached to mommy! he is in this hard predicament where he wants to be touching me at all times, but also wants to explore... tricky!
  • flew on an airplane for the first time (to oregon)! he got to meet all sorts of new friends and family members that had not met him yet! he liked smiling at them as long as i was holding him. but, was quite friendly as long as i was nowhere to be seen!
  • he started standing (unintentionally!) for up to 5 seconds at a time and then realizes it and quickly sits down!
  • remains very very active and has to be moving all of the time... not a snuggle bug... :(
  • still struggling with nursing.
  • loves to eat and will smack his lips whenever he sees food or drinks!


Kaleb - 7 months!

this is a little late... it was a rough couple of weeks due to the flu, colds, fevers, mastitis, etc!

  • is actively pulling up on anything and everything and cruising.
  • he can switch from one piece of furniture to another as long as he can reach it!
  • got his first pair of shoes!
  • turned into super fussy baby! he is only happy when being held.
  • rarely likes to eat (milk or food). if you are feeding him... stand back! he can spit foot about 4 feet across the room! the girls have learned to stand back when he is eating!
  • but, if he had a choice of what to eat at each meal, it would be apples and oatmeal.
  • likes to go on walks and kicks his feet the whole time.
  • in fact, he just moves all of the time and is quite strong in his movements.
  • likes to chase balls around (when he isn't chasing me while crying!)
  • is not a fan of sitting through church. does well with worship and then gets mad about having to sit still and be quiet!
  • is very social (much like his sisters!), he loves being held by others and smiling at them.
  • loves to do face-time. he just tries to grab the face on the other side of the screen the whole time!
  • is transitioning to 2 naps and eating (sort of) solids 3 times a day.
  • we attempted puffs with him. we had one too many choking experiences, so we will wait another month!
  • still adores his sisters and lights up when he sees them.
  • still just goes about saying "dada dada dada."
  • very ticklish and will gut level laugh. sweetest sound.
  • gained some weight and held steady at the 10th percentile for weight and jumped to the 20th percentile for height!


kaleb - 6 months!

 pictures are getting harder to take!

  • loves people unless he sees mama - then he does what he can to get to me as fast as he can!
  • is officially a crawler. he started crawling hands and knees at 5.5 months. he is speedy too!
  • started pulling up in his crib about 3 days prior to turning 6 months.
  • is very active.
  • started eating solids at 5.5 months to see if it helped his sleeping... it did. so, he is still eating solids!
  • now sleeps from 6:30-6:30 with 3 1.5 hour naps. so thankful for hard work on my end and babywise!
  • laughs and smiles a lot.
  • loves music/singing. we can't sing to him while going to sleep though because it stimulates him too much!
  • Very social, very "talkative", very happy, very content (except from 4:30pm-6:30pm!)
  • his two favorites sounds to make are "dada" and "nana." he likes to use his tongue to talk!
  • when he gets mad, he scrunches up his nose and starts breathing through his nose really quickly. it is really funny!
  • This little man is apparently facing some growing challenges he is dropping in percentile (for all 3 areas) by drastic amounts each time we go in for a visit. So, now we have to go in for weight checks and face the decision of supplementing with formula. Ugh... Hurts this mama's heart! pray he gains weight before january 30th!
Man! This little guy melts my heart! So blessed. So thankful!

the past month!

 first bites... sweet potatoes!

 he liked it and still does!

 such a happy baby! 

after running errands, we got home and i went to get him out and found this sight! it continued long enough for me to go in the house and get the camera!

with his nana.

look! grandpa is asleep on the job!


fairy garden party.

aniyah wanted a fairy garden party to celebrate her 5th birthday. it was fun putting it all together, but even more fun watching her celebrate and get celebrated! she was so excited! we had to make a countdown calendar in september because i got tired of waking up everyday and answering the "is today my birthday" question!

 date with daddy before the big party!

we made fairy crowns as the activity and the favor.

 waiting for the guests.

making the crowns.